Poster programme

P1. Plasmons on a topological nanoparticle surface
Gleb Siroki, Imperial College London, UK

P3. An extended Hubbard model for mesoscopic transport in donor arrays in silicon
Nguyen Le, University of Surrey, UK

P3. Gating classical information flow through spin chains by quantum phase transitions
Leonardo Banchi, University College London, UK

P4. Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dots for Quantum Computation
Pavlos Apostolidis, University College London, UK

P5. Ballistic Josephson junctions based on CVD graphene
Tianyi Li, University College London, UK

P6. Spin-orbit driven dynamical hysteresis in the magnetoresistance of Au-Ge films
James Dann, Cavendish Laboratory, UK

P7. Rashba Spin-Orbit Coupling Induced Magneto Resistance with Dependency on Magnetic Field Sweep Speed
Philipp Verpoort, University of Cambridge, UK

P8. Cavity assisted spin reconfiguration in a quantum wire
Chengyu Yan, University College London, UK

P9. Investigating microwave properties of nanobridge based Josephson junctions fabricated by Xe focused ion beam
Tom Godfrey, University College London, UK

P10. Topological insulators and characterization of their phases
Manuel Calixto, Universidad de Granada, Spain

P11. Characterizaction of Topological Phase Transitions in 2D gapped Dirac Materials
Elvira Romera, Universidad de Granada, Spain

P12. Determination of the transport lifetime limiting scattering rate in InSb / AlxIn1-x Sb quantum wells using optical surface microscopy
Christopher McIndo, Cardiff University, UK

P13. GaSb/AlGaSb 2DEG Devices for Magnetotransport Measurements
Laura Hanks, Lancaster University, UK

P14. Electron transport in suspended ring interferometers
Andrey Shevyrin, Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Russia

P15. High mobility ZnMgO/ZnO 2DEGs on ZnO and sapphire substrate
Matthew Sparks, London Centre for Nanotechnology, UK

P16. Conduction impedance effects in atomically thin materials
Nicola Townsend, University of Exeter, UK

P17. Landauer current and mutual information
Auditya Sharma, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, India

P18. Sensitive radio-frequency reflectometry
Natalia Ares, University of Oxford, UK

P19. Magnetotransport properties of two-dimensional electrons in InAs/AlSb  heterostructure
Wei Liu, University College London, UK

P20. Electron-electron interactions in the 1D-2D Transition
Elias Peraticos, University College London, UK

P21. First principles quantum transport simulations for low dimensional systems
Ivan Rungger, National Physical Laboratory, UK

P22. Conductance quantisation with Rashba spin-orbit coupling in In0.75Ga0.25AS quantum wires
Yilmaz Gul, University College London, UK

P23. Split-gate quantum pumps
H Howe, University College London, UK

Key dates

    • Poster submission deadline:
      10 August 2017
    • Registration deadline:
      20 August 2017
    • Proceedings deadline [extended]:
      30 September 2017
    • Estimated publication date:
      31 October 2017

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